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Microsoft FrontPage

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Due to repeated hacking attempts we are no longer offering Microsoft FrontPage as a standard feature of our website hosting. Microsoft has not supported FrontPage since June 30, 2006.

If you still require FrontPage, we can still help. However, there will be an additional fee.

Microsoft Exchange Relay Problem

To our customers that relay email through our servers using Microsoft Exchange.

We received an update on the anti-spam server last night. This overwrote all the settings that allow our customers with Microsoft Exchange servers to relay mail. We have contacted the software vendor and they are working on a fix. The portion of the program that was causing the issues updates the anti-spam filter with newly created email addresses and domain names. We have disabled this feature until the problem is resolve. If you add any new email addresses to your account, please let us know since we will have to manually update the spam filters. Please contact us if you have any questions.

This did not effect customers with emails hosted directly on the server or email addresses that are forwarded to other locations.